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Vote Palmeri – 54th Assembly August 9 and November 8

Campaign Issues

F.A.C.E.S. of Oshkosh

Representing Oshkosh in Madison, Lori will fight for:

- Fair Wages & Taxes

- Affordable Housing

- Clean Environment

- Expanded Healthcare

- Strong Public Schools


Fair Wages & Taxes

Lori is outraged by the legislature’s failure to develop a strategy to address Wisconsin’s low road economy of rising inequality and a shrinking middle-class. She will fight for a high road economy in which state policies facilitate the creation of family supporting, living wage jobs and a progressive tax code based on ability to pay.

Affordable Housing

Lori agrees with UW Madison Urban Planning professor Kurt Paulsen, who calls Wisconsin’s housing crisis a “five-alarm fire.” We have high housing demand, but not enough supply. Failure to address this crisis will result in more people leaving Wisconsin and thus increasing the worker shortage. Lori Palmeri will fight for policies that provide assistance for first time homebuyers, including tax incentives and down payment assistance.

Clean Environment

Lori has looked on in anger as clean water and clean air in Wisconsin have become the victim of Madison’s dirty politics. Lori will fight for fully funding the Department of Natural Resources, environmental policies that are informed by sound science instead of political calculations, and growing Wisconsin’s green economy.

Expanded Healthcare

Lori believes that it’s time for Wisconsin to join the 38 other states that accept funding from the federal government to expand the state’s Medicaid program. Additionally, she will fight for policies that expand support for mental health, dental, and other critical health care needs that too many citizens go without for sheerly financial reasons. Lori will also be a strong advocate for policies that allow the elderly to receive care in their homes.

Strong Public Schools

As a local elected official, Lori has seen first hand how the state government’s failure to keep its commitment to public schools results in higher local property taxes. Lori will fight for policies that place the burden on the state government to fund building projects rather than force local school districts to go to referendum. As for the University of Wisconsin, Lori will be a strong advocate for fully funding the system, reasonable tuition increases and transparency so that students and their families know what they are paying for, and debt relief for borrowers.