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Lori Palmeri Reacts to SCOTUS Overruling of Roe v Wade

State Assembly District 54 candidate, Lori Palmeri, today expressed shock, disappointment, and anger at the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

The ruling is a huge setback for the rights of all women. To make matters worse, because the Republican legislature refused to hold a special session this week. Wisconsin women now have to worry about their personal choices being controlled by a law from 1849.

“Women have been calling me all afternoon in various stages of shock, depression, and anger, asking now what?”, said Palmeri. “What this means is, some women in my district will have go out of state to receive the care they need and some may be forced to have unsafe illegal abortions. This is unacceptable.”

“The Supreme Court’s decision has shown us how urgent it is that we elect pro-choice candidates in the fall.  I am that candidate that will fight for safe and legal abortion access. I am looking forward to working with representatives like Lee Snodgrass in District 57, who has championed this issue for many years. I believe anyone with a uterus should have private reproductive freedom. ” Palmeri said.

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